Hobbyist is an outsider rock n roll duo from Chicago, IL who sing songs about people over pre computer beat machines and guitars and amps . Suicide meets Jim Croce. Hissing of summer lawns on a steady diet of nothing. Elevator music to the gallows. 

"full of joy, dirt, rage and full-blooded rocknroll songs. Here’s to a happy new year and the death of capitalism!" - The Quietus

"It’s no wonder their genre is self-described “outsider rock,” as it’s pretty rare to encounter a band that can combine garage, jazz, post-rock, psych-weirdness, and electronica into a solid record." - Bust Magazine

Wie dem auch sei - dem brodelnden Gemisch von Hobbyist aus Chicago wohnt etwas Unbeschreibliches inne und genau daraus bezieht es seinen originären, kruden Reiz. - MPMBL

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Booking / Letters of Rejection: hobbyistband@gmail.com.