September Rain 

Dear internet, 

We have a new show Nov 19 at SubT with Chicken Happen and Bob Rok. Rad acts! We’re working on a new song called Creeping Fear. A little Fugazi influenced. We’re recording for a day at Bim Bom Studios coming up - excited to see the new set up of M. Mac. New album in progress.

Listening to: 

Handsome Family - Hollow

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Majestic Dub (Expanded Version)


Monday 7/31 

Thanks to all who came out to Alma Arts & Interiors Saturday for us, Kao Ra Zen, Pugs Atomz, theremin recitals and belly and mask dancing! That was rad. 

We’re at work on getting some fall shows together and additional recording for the new album. 

Listening to:

Snooper: Super Snooper

Joni Void: Everyday Is The Song


Also saw:

Barbie: 💿💿💿

Oppenheimer: 💿💿

Talk To Me: 💿💿

💿- bad

💿💿- OK

💿💿💿- great